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Collecting on a bet and meeting some folks (hopefully)

Well, it’s a quiet weekend, so I’ll just mention in brief that Jim Calder and I have settled on a date for me to come collect on my winning the Tim Hudak resignation bet. I’ll be up in Toronto on Oct 19th.. and Jim and I have decided that if others would like to meet – those who blog/tweet/Facebook politics and/or who read us would be welcome to stop by where the establishment is and say hello to us – mainly aimed at those who are members of /read Progressive Bloggers (of which I’m the site admin and Jim is a long time moderator/organizer for our website when we do special political events) and of Liblogs (the Liberal blogging aggregate – of which Jim and my blogs are also affiliated with). So, we’ll see if we get a few folks there and perhaps we can post a photo or 2 of a who’s who that show up -(if anyone does).

Should be a good time – better when I’m enjoying a free lunch/drink 🙂


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