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Best tweet on the Blogging Tories ever..

Stephen Taylor probably won’t be happy. The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen Megregor, said this on Twitter this AM about his collective of Conservative bloggers:

“Have you seen Fringe cranks are responsible for most of the content.”

If you read back in the conversation thread, apparently some Conservative bloggers were claiming Justin Trudeau fabricated his 5K finish and didn’t really finish a stride behind General Leslie this past Sunday in the Army Run, which Glen kindly pointed out a photo showing they were wrong; he did finish behind General Leslie. (I’m not sure which Blogging Tory blogger(s) made these claim; I don’t make it a habit of visiting the Blogging Tories site.. I dont feel like having a headache for the rest of the day)

The only thing I’d point out to Glen is that the “fringe cranks’ make up the base of the CPC these days.


3 comments to Best tweet on the Blogging Tories ever..

  • .. best to be accurate in these matters .. Those fringe cranks reflect the actions, wishes and beliefs of our elected government, Stevie, Ray, the Speaker, Arthur Hamilton, Jenni Byrne et al, n all the prehistoric or hysterical ministers, their aides and secretaries, the unelected PMO, unelected Conservative Party dwarts, robo dweebs, trolls and data miners and scientific minders..

    Special attention to creepy Joe Oliver.. the retiring scumbags Peter Kent and Keith Ashfield for vicious services rendered against Canada, our ecosystems and creatures

  • Rockfish

    Funny how 37 per cent (or under) of 60 per cent of eligible voters is ‘the majority’… It is a majority, but the Howard brothers were a majority of the Three Stooges. Unlike the vast number of CON bloggers, Moe, Larry and Curley (or if you prefer Shemp) had a shred of decency behind them while throwing those pies.

  • Those, ‘“fringe cranks’ make up the base of the CPC these days’, would also be known as ‘the majority’.

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