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A rare display of unity in Ontario – #LetTimLead

Tim Hudak will not face a leadership review, the Progressive Conservative delegates decreed at their convention yesterday in London. Tim Hudak is very happy. His party supporters are very happy.

The only ones possibly as happy are the Ontario Liberal Party and the NDP. They face face a lot easier task beating the PC Party with Tim Hudak at its helm (the Mike Harris leftover) then say, a more moderate and more popular leader.

The sun is shining across Ontario’s political divide. For this day at least, everyone is unified. Thanks PC party.


1 comment to A rare display of unity in Ontario – #LetTimLead

  • kwittet

    And this is good how? We get Daltons sloppy left overs in Kathleen who is just a bigger liar as Dalton is…
    just shows you we have no good choices
    and you wonder why the young people are not voting…
    about the only people who could possibly be happy about this is the people who have no life and love to follow politics.
    Dam…i really need to get rid of this book mark
    I think after reading more than a few post i taste bile

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