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Competition to replace Bob Rae in Toronto-Centre is officially on

The NDP and Liberal candidates for Toronto-Centre were voted on last evening. Chrystia Freeland and Linda Mcquaig were elected by their memberships to run for their political parties. Mcquaig’s win was on the first ballot, which surprised me a bit, as my original perception from reading up on this race was that Jennifer Hollett had good establishment NDP backing, though a source in the Hollett camp who I trust said that it was Linda Mcquaig that had the establishment politicians backing. I’ve commented on Jennifer Hollett before on here, and I’ll say again, she’s a hard person not to like, even if you’re not an NDP supporter, so I hope she still stays active in some way in the political process (maybe she can take up writing a political blog 😉 )

As for the Liberal race, it was not officially stated, but rumours are it was a first-ballot win as well for Ms. Freeland, which leads me to my slight nit-pick here; I really don’t get why in nomination races like this that the LPC decides not to announce in a multi-primary with multiple candidates whether a victory was a win on first, second or so on ballot. I don’t know if its historical, or if there is some mentality of “we might hurt party unity in the local riding if we release that information publicly”, but I don’t think either reason is a very good one.

Anyhow, I look forward to that particular by-election race, whenever Harper decides to call off his extended prorogation holiday and actually set the by-election date, as it won’t be a boring campaign between these two. I note with some amusement on social media (some of it directed in conversation at me, for some reason) at the NDP’s continued attempted portrayal that somehow the Toronto-Centre nomination race wasn’t democratic – in a 3 person race. I’m not particularly sure that too many in the riding will bite on that particular line of attack; it will more be to do with competing economic visions laid out by 2 political rookies representing 2 new political leaders of their respective parties.

If you’d like to read another Liberal blogger perspective on both party’s nomination races, check out Jeff Jedras’s blog and twitter feed; as he was at both of them covering them diligently.

Congrats to both winning candidates and the other candidates who all participated in this race; it should be one of the more well-watched byelection races in some time.

Quick update: It appears from the most excellent Pundit’s Guide website she was able to discover that 315 out of 515 LPC voters picked Chrystia for the nomination (which I still haven’t see publicly in any news reports, so good job there) , while interestingly, she couldn’t discover what the final vote tally or how many votes cast was for the NDP race, which means my nit-pick above with the LPC can be amended to note that other parties apparently like to hide voting results from their local riding memebers in a nomination battle as well, which again I see no real reason for.


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  • It is my experience that the NDP doesn’t normally release nomination results. After the winner is announced a motion is made to destroy the ballots, which usually passes quickly and quietly.

    They use the same reasons to do it and I agree it isn’t justified.

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