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Quebec’s ‘values’ charter – nothing but an attempted sovereignty gimmick

If you follow politics, you may have heard about Quebec’s “values” charter, which seeks to ban “religious” symbols or clothing from Quebec government workplaces (with the exception apparently of Quebec crucifixes or crosses in the National Assembly – that’s apparently an “important symbol to Quebec history”, not a religious symbol. I find it ironic then that the PQ always wants to remove the Canadian flag from the National Assembly when they’re elected to government, but that’s another story).

This is nothing more then an ill-disguised attempt to pander to some of Quebeckers’ worst fears in the hopes it will give the PQ a boost in the polls. It is also, I believe, an attempt to try to get the rest of Canada to lash out at this document in order for the PQ to claim that Quebec is being misunderstood/insulted and must go its own way – a Supreme Court ruling against this as being unconstitutional would be all the better.

The PQ and Marois needs something to kickstart their pro-independence movement – support for sovereignty is at historic low levels; I’m hopeful there will be enough common sense in Quebec to recognize this Values charter for what it is – a cynical attempt to get votes and to whip up resentment in order to revive a dormant independence movement.


2 comments to Quebec’s ‘values’ charter – nothing but an attempted sovereignty gimmick

  • Brammer

    A gimmick perhaps, but the damage to Quebec is real, even if the Charter never passes.

  • Al

    It’s racism, pure and simple. It’s also going to be struck down in the Supreme Court.

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