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Toronto’s nice in the Fall – so are its eating establishments

Well, the Ontario legislature resumes sitting today. You’ll note in the story about it this morning in the Toronto Star that there is not a single mention of PC Leader Tim Hudak resigning (or even mentioning him for that matter).

Unless things change in the hours before the Legislature formally opens, that means I’ve won my bet with Jim Calder that he made with me that due to the poor PC byelection results earlier this summer, Hudak would either voluntarily submit to a leadership review/allow an easier implementation of it at the PC Convention later this year (he actually exhorted the PC’s executive not to, but they overruled his appeals), or resign.

I look forward to visiting Toronto and meeting up with Jim to collect (and eat) the bet – assuming of course Hudak doesn’t do something dramatic before the legislature opens today (and presuming Jim would rather I visit Toronto then forcing him to spend money on a Via Rail ticket to where I live AND make him pick up the tab for lunch; that seems a tad unfair 🙂 )

UPDATE @ 12:19 pm: Jim has graciously conceded defeat. I’ll be getting a lunch on his tab in the near future.


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