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2 sides of the polling analysis coin

Latest Nanos Poll numbers for the federal parties: LPC 36, CPC 30, NDP 25.

Nik Nanos commentary on this 2 pt gain for the Liberals over the CPC was that it was to do with the Senate scandal, not Justin’s admission he smoke marijuana:

Trudeau hasn’t seen a rise in popularity after focusing on marijuana, Nanos added. The Liberal leader was in the news recently for admitting he smoked marijuana a few years ago, after he was elected as an MP. The Liberal party is pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Trudeau’s pot admission and policy is “statistical puffery” because it drives interest but not votes, Nanos said.

An observation on that statement: the flip side of the coin is the marijuana admission isn’t losing him votes either – nor are the attacks by the Conservative Party (Harper and Mackay specifically) or by certain NDP activists for that admission or for his stance on legalization, hurting him or the LPC voter preference.

‘Statistical puffery’ works both ways in this case.


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