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Helping Kids In Kenya – Stahili Foundation

A slightly different post from me on this long weekend. I want to highlight an organization that a good friend of mine has co-founded to help children in Kenya (many of them orphans).

My friend’s name is Michelle Oliel. I met her initially through politics – specifically through her political blogging she did when we all started blogging 8 years ago. She eventually would go into law school, and I got to help her out a tiny bit by proof-reading some of her law essays for her. She has gone on to big lofty things – she works overseas at the Hague in a division of the International Criminal Court, which prosecutes war crimes and so on.

She also does a lot of volunteer work for the UN, and specifically does a lot of work in Africa, and more specifically in Kenya. One thing that she has grown to love and wants to do is help the many children she has met there through her volunteer work (many of these who face uncertain futures in orphanages). Thanks to a couple of other friends/co-workers, they have now made that more possible, not only for themselves, but for other people who also want to help these children live better lives; it is called the Stahili Foundation. A brief excerpt from the front page of their website:

Stahili is a foundation established to provide children living in Kenya with the basic needs they deserve – a supportive and loving environment and the right to achieve their individual potential through education. In Swahili, Stahili means “to deserve.”..Stahili currently supports ten students in Kenya. We provide these students with an education, a safe and loving environment and a healthy lifestyle. We aim to help twenty more students by 2016 and work tirelessly to enable all thirty students to attend university, college or trade school. Stahili focuses on quality over quantity. While we would love to help as many children as possible, we cannot do so at the expense of quality care. We aim to focus on a group of children who we can holistically care for and assist through the entirety of their education.

You can find out more about the 3 women at their site, what they are specifically doing to help these kids, how to donate, and so on. I hope you will consider a donation (yes, I’ve done one) As Michelle said to me, and as it says at their site, ‘no donation is too small’. Every little bit helps.


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