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Tim Hudak’s dissenters get a chance to air their beefs: I get a free meal (no beef tho)

I’ve spoken before about an ongoing bet I’ve had with fellow Liberal blogger Jim Calder over whether or not Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak would either voluntarily resign or voluntarily call for a leadership review before Sept 9 (the day the Ontario legislature is recalled), in the wake of some disgruntled Tories calling for said review of his and his parties dismal performance in last month’ Ontario by-elections.

It appears I’m going to win that bet:

Tories upset with beleaguered Tim Hudak’s leadership will get to air their beefs at the party’s policy convention next month despite Hudak’s objections, the Star has learned. The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario’s constitution committee and its executive have voted unanimously to allow debate over a new leadership review process even though sources said Hudak made a personal appeal to party brass on Saturday…Hudak, who received 78.7 per cent support from the mandatory leadership review after the Tories lost the 2011 election, had stated publicly and privately on Saturday that the party’s time and energy would be better spent planning for the next election.

“The executive stood up to him,” said the Conservative insider.

There is nothing voluntary in that news story coming from Tim Hudak; he’d rather have avoided this altogether.

In the meanwhile, I won’t of course officially declare victory til Sept 9th, since Timmy of course could, I suppose, change his mind and voluntarily resign to avoid this, but I do think I’m fairly safe, and I can tell Jim I don’t want any Cronut Burgers, maple bacon jam removed or no.


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