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This poll and that poll – more summer bad news for the Conservatives

More polls to talk about today. First, two-thirds of Canadians who were polled disapprove of Prime Minister proroguing Parliament in Sept and waiting until late October to reconvene Parliament.

As I said in my blogpost just the other day, this is probably the most “conventional” use of proroguing Parliament (or intending to prorogue, as he hasnt formally asked for it yet) that Harper has done while in government, and it’s ironic that on the more conventional type of prorogue, Harper’s getting massive disapproval of his intent to use it again.. but I guess that’s what you get when you abuse it a couple of other times.

The other poll is an opinion poll on political parties, and for the Liberals, it is again great news:

The Liberals have surged to 38% support from voters in the latest Forum Poll for the National Post, while the Conservatives have slipped to 29% and the NDP trail at 22%. The poll was conducted one day after Trudeau’s pot admission shook up Canada’s sleepy summer recess.

“After a brief dip last month, the Liberals have rebounded, and they now have a substantial lead over the government in the poll. It may be that Liberal policies around marijuana have had something to do with this, but it’s clear Justin Trudeau’s admission of pot use did him no harm,” Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff said in a statement.

Two caveats: this is Forum Research doing the polling (they weren’t exactly spot on in their Ontario by-election polling vs the actual result, but the Nanos poll I mentioned yesterday seem to at least back up what they are saying), and again, an election is 2 years off, but I’d still rather be first then last, or trailing substantially in 2nd place.

No one was talking much about Harper’s Arctic trip after the “pot” interview; it’s now been completely overshadowed by the Justin interview, and initially anyhow, it appears to be helping, not hurting the LPC.

Harper is proroguing in part because the Senate spending scandal has knocked his government off a tad.. and he wants a breather, but it appears his “breather” is being seen as another cynical ploy attempting to escape Parliamentary accountability… meanwhile.. what JT has admitted to occasionally breathing in the past has actually caused people to pay attention to politics in the summertime to him and his party – and not hurting him… something else I’m sure is driving Harper and Peter MacKay batty.


1 comment to This poll and that poll – more summer bad news for the Conservatives

  • kwittet

    QUOTE: The other poll is an opinion poll on political parties, and for the Liberals, it is again great news
    Great news for the Liberals but not necessarily for Canadians.

    I really hope Justin thinks long and hard about what legalising pot would do to our relationship with our largest trading partner>>>the USA
    It would have serious implications on NAFTA and all anyone who conducts any kind of cross border business. Can we really afford this when our economy’s are so closely tied together and fragile?

    If Harper had admitted to smoking pot Scott you would have called for a public lynching and you know it…so your true bias shows here.
    Of course people are going to pay attention to this man admitting he smoked pot. Publicity stunt.
    And as long as I can remember politicians of every party have done things to avoid getting their asses in a sling so why do you hold Harper to a higher standard than what many have done before him including your beloved Liberal party.
    And to show my true bias….if there was a general election called right at this moment I would NOT vote for any of them.
    There isnt one that I trust to do what they are elected to do…and I am willing to bet that there is a large portion of Canadians who feel the same way.
    Our system needs a serious enema with fresh honest faces of people who are truly interested in doing what is right.

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