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Prorogation Stuff

You’ve heard the Prime Minister intends to prorogue Parliament in September, and then come back in October with a Speech From the Throne. You’ve heard some say this is another example of Harper abusing Parliament – others saying this type of prorogation is not that big of a deal and is more in line with how prorogation is normally used in Parliament.

I fall into the latter category with one caveat; the prorogue period of 6 weeks could be a lot shorter, and he does have the Senate expense scandal over him; so it’s easy to see why people are suspicious of this particular prorogue as another example of him avoiding Parliament. Make the prorogue period a lot shorter (by a few weeks) and he may not have had as much flak as he got (he still can do so if he wishes to change his mind).


3 comments to Prorogation Stuff

  • billg

    I’ve always thought of Dalton McGuinty as one of the smartest politicians in the last 20 years, and, he was bang on about one thing, voters dont care about the prorogation of any parliament. The media does, and, partisans do, but, thats it. Harpers last prorogation earned him a majority. An election is the ultimate accountability test.

  • I agree that this is more like a “normal” prorogation. However, as the Globe and Mail wrote, his reputation precedes him. If he had not twice prorogued parliament with the clear intention of avoiding accountability then this prorogation wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But his clear history of avoiding accountability and the fact that his is the first government ever found in contempt of parliament specifically because they refused to be accountable, means that everything this man does will be looked upon with a jaundiced eye.

  • Fire Harper

    Harper delays the start of Parliament. Next up: invoking closureto limit debate on the basis that there is not enough time to hear all debate.

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