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Do you consider folks of a different political ideology your ‘enemy’?

I ask that because apparently John Baird, Canada’s Foreign Minister, does.

Mr Baird has been rightly praised for condemning Russia’s anti-gay laws and for taking on the social conservative REAL Women group for their condemnation of him doing so. His one day of praise, at least with me, is over for this quote he did today when asked to comment on whether his friend Tim Hudak of the Ontario PC party should have a leadership review or not:

Former MPP John Baird, now federal foreign affairs minister, said Klees and Hillier “should be focusing on the real enemy” instead of joining forces with “nervous nellies.”

Enemies? People of different political ideologies are NOT enemies,or they shouldn’t be, not in Canada, and certainly not anywhere else. That’s how civil wars get started and people get killed.

I of course am not suggesting John Baird or the CPC are going to start a civil war or cause internal bloodshed, but that statement tells you how Baird & the CPC do politics or view politics, when they consider their political opposition to be ‘the enemy’. In my opinion, it is why political discourse and debate in this country has sunk so low since the CPC gained power in 2006.


3 comments to Do you consider folks of a different political ideology your ‘enemy’?

  • Rene

    The Reform base is fascist, or at least as close to fascism as you will find throughout our political history. If you have any doubts on the matter, read the media discussion blogs such as Yahoo Canada where such degenerates feel free to voice their hatred of the poor, third world immigrants and refugees, muslims, natives and minority cultures in Canada, French Canadians, gays, feminists, liberals, socialists, environmental activists and enemies of the oil industry, and the list goes on to include everyone who does not embrace the values of Wildrose, the Sun News network and the Freedom Cruise propagandists. They do advocate state violence, repression of dissent, mass deportation of “undesirables” and civil war against Quebec on a daily basis. They cheer on police when they murder a disturbed teenager, or cheer on fascist military and police in Russia when they are giving their boots and clubs to some hapless gay rights protester. Compared to their demented and hateful screeds issued under internet anonymity, the recent hate messages directed at the Ontario Ombudsman by a Durham Police detective are quite mild in comparison. You don’t exchange rational and polite arguments with such people and the arena is not confined to the electoral, you exchange blows and seek to disperse such scum. A good place to start would be to protest at Reform gatherings where the authors of such anonymous hateful screeds are quite likely in attendance ….

  • Inge Jordan

    I did not used to regard people with different political views my enemies, but am reluctantly learning to do so, in self-defence. If as an unreconstructed leftie, pinko, Lieberal you turn the other cheek when attacked by people on the right in the present climate, you are toast! The high road no longer exist. Just look what happened to Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff.

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