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A Battle Royale in Toronto-Centre

This certainly livens things up in the NDP nomination battle for Toronto-Centre:

Linda McQuaig, well-known author and Star columnist, is announcing on Tuesday that she is vying to be the New Democratic Party candidate in the Toronto Centre byelection….She is running for the NDP nomination against Jennifer Hollett, who worked for Much Music, CBC and CTV.

Ms. Hollett, of course, is who I did a feature blogpost on not too long ago. This should be quite the battle to watch; I respect both Hollett and Mcquaig for their talents, and either one would be a high-quality candidate for the NDP.

On a related note, there are now 3 LPC candidates running in Toronto-Centre. (That would be Chrystia Freeland, Todd Ross and Diana Burke, the newest entry into the race). Can we quiet this nonsense about Justin Trudeau kiboshing his open nominations promise, as Ivison in the NP said a few weeks ago (as well as more then a few NDP supporters on Twitter, my Prog Blog acquaintance and former Saskatchewan NDP leader candidate/economist Erin Weir being chief amongst those), regardless of what George Smitherman implied/said/didn’t say?

UPDATE @ 3:17 pm: From Diana Burke’s twitter account – after I asked her about any discouragement to running in this riding:

No one asked us not to run. Trudeau: “every single riding across the country will have open nominations

Todd Ross has said the same thing in the Toronto Star article that was written this morning by Susan Delacourt asking about open nominations; he was not discouraged and was indeed wished well by JT. So, unless George Smitherman wants to publicly come out and bluntly say he was discouraged from running, the issue should be a dead one.


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