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#imwithtim – Stay Tim stay!

I wasn’t expecting to be writing a followup post to this on Tim Hudak and leadership questions on whether he would still be here on Sept 9 or not so soon after the by-elections, but there is already some dissension in the ranks – enough to get the Toronto Sun to write about it.

I’m not sure whether ten PC members from London asking for an amended party constitution so that a leadership convention can be demanded is proof of a “palace coup” or not; supposedly there are also 5 PC caucus members who support this. Some other PC members led by PC MPP Lisa Macleod have started a #imwithtim hashtag on Twitter, questioning the news source and attempting, I guess, to get folk on Twitter to rally around Tim as the PC leader. (Note at this time of this blog’s writing there aren’t a lot of PC folks rallying around the hashtag; more of us non-PC types sarcastically saying we support Tim too – more on that below)

Personally, I’m all for the PC’s sticking with Tim Hudak as leader – for progressive-minded (or even moderate-minded) Ontarions, he is their best weapon for keeping the “Progressive” Conservatives out of power in Ontario (who at this point should follow their federal counterparts and remove that out of their party name, as there is nothing “progressive” about them).

(I’ve also a vested self-interest in Hudak staying – at least until Sept 9, as it means I win my bet with my Liberal blogger colleague Jim Calder)


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  • Mark Francis

    The ON PCs seem boxed into a corner. Changing leaders now when we are on the verge of an election year seems ill-advised. There’s no time to build recognition for a new leader. Then again, with the Liberals in scandal, the best Hudak got was one riding out of 5 in the byelections, and that win had nothing to do with Hudak. Holyday’s win was all local politics. And it was no landslide, with Holyday winning by only five points or so ahead of the Libs.

    Still, the best strategy for the PCs, I think, is to keep Hudak until after the next election. They avoid the distraction of a leadership race, save their coffers for an election, and avoid the uncertainty that comes with a new leader.

    If they do replace Hudak, I wonder how much power the Landowners will exert in the choice of the new leader? They could choose a loon…

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