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Byelections fallout: Will PC’s Tim Hudak still be PC leader in September?

It was an interesting night last night. The Ontario Liberals held onto 2 of their seats – in Scarborough and in Ottawa (despite gloomy polls – more on that later), while the NDP captured Windsor in a landslide (not surprising) and London-West (by a surprisingly comfortable margin). The Progressive Conservative Party meanwhile, had to console itself with winning Etobicoke, in a fairly tight battle.

I said yesterday that I’d be checking in today on the final results vs what the final polls from Forum and Campaign Research said, but I’ll hold off on that for now until I see what our favorite poll tracker Eric at says; he promised an analysis of the polls performance vs results, and will probably be far more detailed then I will… Needless to say though, the polling was badly off in Ottawa (particularly in Forum’s case), and off in London West, where the NDP won quite comfortably.

For now tho, my initial analysis of last night is: if you’re an OLP supporter, you’re probably saying “could have been worse”. If you’re an NDP supporter, you’re euphoric, with gains in 2 seats and surprising strength in Scarborough. If you’re a PC supporter however, you’re going “what happened to those 3 or 4 seats we were supposed to win according to the polls?”

That sort of segues into the title of my blogpost, which I’m sure you’re wondering about. One of my blogging colleagues who also helps me run Progressive Bloggers, Jim Calder, made a prediction/bet with me after last night’s results over whether PC leader Tim Hudak would either resign or call a leadership review before the Ontario legislature is recalled on September 9. Jim feels the results will increase the restlessness among the PC troops (as can be evidenced by certain Sun media personalities wailing about last night). I don’t disagree with that, but I’m not certain the restlessness is so bad that it causes Hudak to resign or to pronounce a leadership review on himself.. so I took the bet and said Hudak is still leader on September 9 (note that if he is forced out by the PC party, that isn’t a resignation.. so I’d still win).

UPDATE: Here is that post over at Eric’s site on the pollsters “results”


1 comment to Byelections fallout: Will PC’s Tim Hudak still be PC leader in September?

  • Nicholas

    Tim Hudak needs to go. Tim could not win against McGuinty with his horrible record in last general election. What makes him think things will be any different in the next general election. In fact, he’ll definitely do much worse. It’s evident from the 5 by election results. In fact, if it was not for Hollyday’s big name and Ford’s political weight in Etobicoke, the PCs would have lost that seat too. Get rid of Tim before it’s too late. I’m conservative and I will not be voting for Hudak in the next election.

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