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Impressions of the Ontario By-elections.

My sense of how things are going, based on the brief polls I’ve seen, talking to people and just anecdotal “gut” feeling:

The OLP seems to be holding on a slight lead to the Toronto ridings (Scarborough and Etobicoke). They are probably ahead in Mcguinty’s old riding in Ottawa.

Windsor will go NDP unless every NDP voter down there decides not to bother showing up to the polls

The OLP is in a bit of trouble in London. I suspect the PC’s are in front here.

As always.. get out the vote will be important here. It always is, but even more-so in byelections, where voter turnout is primarily low and down to the core voters.

I wouldn’t bet the farm on these predictions, but that’s my feeling at this point (and of course, things can change in a week and a half, between now and Aug 1)


3 comments to Impressions of the Ontario By-elections.

  • kwittet

    My person thought is if any of the riding elect a liberal then they will get exactly what they deserve. While it is true I am more conservative than anything I have strong feelings why the OLP deserves to be slaughtered for calling this bye election at a most inconvenient time.

    First reason is Kathleen Wynne is just a big of a liar as Dalton. She has claimed all along that she has had nothing to do with the cancelled gas plants but now the evidence is coming out that she may have played a major part in this scandal. And the fact she wants to raise the wasted money another 3.5 million to recover emails is simply outrageous.
    Something seriously stinks with Coran running as a lib when less than a year ago he was at war with them. A few theories here…he is running as a lib to protect his union pals or Kathleen brought him onboard to guarantee labour peace for the next few years. But then again as we all know as soon as Dalton was out the door she caved in to the teachers.
    There are so many wrong things going on with this government.
    First when she was anointed she made Deb Matthews the deputy premier and we all know she couldn’t organise a one car junk yard. Between the billions wasted on health and then the air ambulance scandal who in their right mind would trust her.
    Her little conflab in Niagara this last week that was dubbed girl power shows she is on the verge of being discriminatory against men.
    If this was Harper you libs would be screaming and so would I.
    This government carries a lot of baggage from the Dalton days and deserved to be trounced from power. Andrea Horwath should be ashamed of herself for laying in bed with this bunch.
    I seriously hope that the voters in these riding realise what the last 9 years of Dalton and his merry bunch of thieves has done to the bottom line of this province and give them a small taste of what is coming.
    The only problem I see looking forward is that there are no good alternatives.

  • SD

    I will give Windsor to the NDP. London West will likely go Conservative. Scarborough-Guildwood could go either Conservative or Liberal. I don’t think Adam Giambrone’s presence in Scarborough will make a difference for the NDP. The other ridings will likely go Conservative.

    In London West, I think that the Liberals made a mistake by having former OSSTF leader Ken Coran run for them. Except for the local OSSTF executive, Coran is seen as a traitor by many teachers of Ontario. In the long run, the saving grace for the Liberals will be that Andrea Horwath and the NDP have been very weak in their support for the teachers of Ontario. I know that other people will vote besides the teachers. Ken Coran just doesn’t have the credibility to defend the people of London West. If he can turn against the teachers, then he can turn against the voters of London West.

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