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Stephen Harper has a perverse sense of humour

This is quite a good joke Harper has played. Not only has Pierre Poliviere indeed been named to be a new minister in today’s big cabinet shuffle, Pierre Poilievre has been named Minister of state for democratic reform. One of my Liberal colleagues who is a staffer on the Hill was joking a day or 2 ago that perhaps this is where P.P would end up.. and lo and behold, Harper has decided to do so (leaving my Liberal colleague aghast that his facetious guess turned out to be true).

Yes, you’ve heard right: P.P. is now in charge of any changes to Canada’s Elections Act, and as Susan Delacourt explains, it will be his job to come up with election-law reform, and reply to the Supreme Court on Senate reform when it comes down with its reference ruling on what it feels can and can’t be done in order to reform or abolish the Senate.

I do not retract my ‘circus’ comment from the prior blogpost: it’ll be a bunch of non-answers and insults when it comes to talking about what exactly the Conservatives are doing to ensure their database isn’t “broken into” again for any further robo-call election misdirection, or for said electoral reforms.

Some may also be afraid this appointment means the Conservatives have further goals in mind to tilt the electoral process towards them, but considering the last couple of ministers in this position have done absolutely nothing with regards to reform of any type, I wonder if you’ll see much here on legislative initiative either. This is more, it seems to me, a reward for P.P being the chief attack dog for Harper the last session or 2. I’m not really sure what he could attempt to pass for “reform” here designed to benefit his own party, without being immediately noticed and the cause of an uproar.


3 comments to Stephen Harper has a perverse sense of humour

  • billg

    Thats an odd one. PP can be very good if he grows up and starts acting like an Cabinet Minister, or, this cold blow up really quick in the PM’s face. Stay tuned.

  • kitt

    What shuffle? Same old, same old…..

  • Grant

    The Tories made a cabinet shuffle and a Liberal doesn’t like it. Shocking.

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