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Parliament is about to become even more of a circus…

..if what Stephen Taylor has heard is true that Pierre Poliviere is going to become a Cabinet Minister.

The bad news is that with this promotion, Pierre is basically going to dig Parliament and Question Period down into the muck further, given his propensity for answering with non-answers and cheap shots at opponents.

The good news is: for us that are progressive bloggers, Pierre is going to give me and others of our political persuasion lots of material to write about, and as a Liberal partisan, I don’t mind at all if Poliviere got a cabinet post. More of the inevitable public exposure to his particular view of the world he’s going to provide us all with can only benefit Conservative opponents from the inevitable blowup the Conservatives are going to get from him one of these days.

As well, it sorta blows up the claim that Harper is going in a “fresh direction” with a cabinet shuffle. There’s nothing ‘fresh’ about promoting your chief attack dog to a cabinet position.


1 comment to Parliament is about to become even more of a circus…

  • Dennis Hollingsworth

    Even the remote possibility of Pierre Poliviere becoming anything but a Cabinet Joke has me laughing my ass off, rolling on the floor … he’s such a total, absolute JackAss across the board … this will bode well for a Prime Minister Rob Ford !!

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