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Nostalgia Redux. Rule Brittania!

So as a followup to my last post about the Conservatives hyping up the old British Empire/Commonwealth ties (The War of 1812, ditching the Maple Leaf insignia and going to the British insignias on the Canadian Forces uniforms, and a couple of other moves the past couple of years), I was musing what else Harper and his bunch might consider wanting to do, since they’re obviously nostalgic about all things from the former “Mother Country” (Quebec notwithstanding, apparently).

I suggested at the end of the blogpost that perhaps ditching the metric system and going back to Imperial measurement was next on the agenda. I had someone else write me saying maybe “God Save The Queen” was going to be the old new anthem again.

Here are some other possibilities:

– Replacing the Canadian flag with the Red Ensign
– Renaming Ottawa to the Victorian-era name of “Bytown”
– Moving the Capital entirely out of Ottawa/Bytown and moving it to the War of 1812 Capital, Kingston.

Any others? List them!

UPDATE: From the comments, a commentator suggests what better way to get back at Trudeau then unpatriating the Constitution and sending it back to Britain.


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  • Bob

    What better way to get back at Trudo then to send the Constitution back to the UK?

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