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Nostalgia can be taken to the extreme

I’m a history buff – in particular a Canadian history buff, so I didn’t mind the Conservatives were trying hard (and still are trying hard) to get Canadians to pay attention to the history of The War of 1812 and how it led eventually to the formation of Canada, but I get it when I see people say they’ve gone too far on the endless advertising of it.

Now comes the decision to abandon the Maple Leaf ranks on the Canadian Forces, and go back to the British style insignia. Was there a hue and cry in the military or in the public to get  rid of the Maple Leaf on the uniform? I’d suspect not.

One can be nostalgic for the past, and one can be a supporter of the Monarchy in Canada, but Harper and the Conservatives like to go overboard with it, and I don’t doubt there’s a bit of politics involved.

What’s next, going back to the Imperial system of measurement? Is the metric system about to be scrapped?


4 comments to Nostalgia can be taken to the extreme

  • Ollibcurmudgeon ((F Webb)

    Life long Lib. Know a little about the military my dad was pre war he rose through the ranks from grunt airman to Wing Commander and retired from the RCAF in 1964. I also did a 5 year hitch myself in the sixties. Dad had 3 brothers who also served wartime airforce, RCR and highlanders. All my root are in the UK but like most Canadians I’ve got over the royal thing and could care less. I got friends who enlisted after unification and are pissed that the service they retired from is now something else. The conservatives trying to take ownership of the military is BS, their screw ups include the bomarc , the arrow and a litany of others going back over a century. This is just another cheap cosmetic trick to divide Canadians and shore up their diminishing base.

  • Curtis YYC

    “What’s next, going back to the Imperial system of measurement? Is the metric system about to be scrapped?”

    Sadly, it’s slipping back already. I haven’t heard so many ads referencing MPG since I was a teen in the early 70s. I said it then and I’ll repeat it now, US or Imperial gallons? It makes a HUGE difference to MPG. Oh, and anyone growing up in Canada for the last 40 years doesn’t even know what a gallon, imperial or US really is, or a mile for what it’s worth. Our children have no real point of reference as we’ve been predominantly metric since April 1975.

  • the rat

    Yeah, I’m sure there aren’t many Liberals at all who heard any “hue and cry” from the military. Then again, most of the military just ignored the Liberal imposed rank system, anyway. I served with bombardiers, gunners, troopers, and such, though you probably don’t know what that means, even though “officially” they were corporals or privates. A captain in the army was, and still is, different from a captain in the navy, and a flight lieutenant was something else, too. Service based ranks were descriptive and lent pride to service. No, I’m not at all surprised you never heard it, you’d have to actually care about the military to get it.

  • John B.

    Don’t worry about returning to the Imperial system. Imperial Oil and the rest of Harper’s friends in their industry would never allow it. They certainly don’t want members of the Canadian public to experience the shock of observing daily fluctuations in gas prices expressed in terms of the Imperial gallon. Then they might have to tolerate a level of public outrage similar to what occurs in the U.S. when prices are increased. It’s much better for good customer relations to keep the overnight increases at a few cents per litre rather than a few nickels per gallon.

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