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Economic Action Plan 2013 is apparently on track – so says the flyer I got

You’ll all be glad to know that Economic Action Plan 2013 is in high gear/on track according to the pamphlet (otherwise known as a “10 percenter pamphlet) I received from Dave Mackenzie, my MP here in Oxford, in the past couple of days. You’ll also be pleased to know that the Conservative government is “investing in infrastructure to support Canada’s communities and (in ALL-CAPS) HELP CREATE JOBS FOR HARD WORKING CANADIANS”

And of course, we can’t forget the push poll included on these 10 percenters:


Most Canadians are well aware the Economic Action Plan has been done for a couple of years now, and people are getting sick of those commercials, but here we have yet another round of pamphlets pushing a program that’s not in existence.

As for the “push poll”, this is less to do with the Conservatives trying to cheer at how many people put their party down for this (the poll wording reminds me of the Lastman “Bad Boys” commercials – ‘who’s better then Bad Boys – NOOOBODY!”) and as someone else pointed out, a way to expand their database or to figure out who not to call for donations for those who put other parties.

I just hope they get that database security figured out so that “persons unknown” can’t again break into their database and use it to call people who aren’t Conservatives and tell them to go to the wrong polling station (though here in Oxford, they’d be wasting their time, as they could run a tree stump as a Conservative candidate and be comfortably re-elected).

That would be just terrible if it got broken into again, wouldn’t it? I’m sure the Conservatives are worried sick about it.


2 comments to Economic Action Plan 2013 is apparently on track – so says the flyer I got

  • burlivespipe

    Those push-pull polls also are handy in adding to the robo-call and to-harrass list that the Cons and frat boys in the PMO play. Time to expose these morons for the danger they are.

  • Linda Shellington

    Scott, I appreciate your posts, but could we please call those “flyers” what they are–taxpayer funded lies and propaganda? I mean, really, advertising government programmes on TV, that do not even exist? Isn’t that the definition of propaganda?

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