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Poor Steve Ryan*

Who is Steve Ryan, you might ask? Up until today, he was the nominated candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, for the Aug 1 by-elections here in Ontario.

About 2 weeks ago, Forum came out with a poll saying the Liberal candidate (not even nominated yet) was a lock in this riding; it was like 50-25% over the PC’s. Suddenly in the past 2 days, Toronto Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday comes out of the blue and says he’s been asked by the PC’s to be the candidate in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. When asked about Steve Ryan, the reaction from them seemed to be “who?”.. though Conservative leader Tim Hudak was on John Tory’s radio program yesterday assuring everyone Steve Ryan was running.

Today however, Holyday is now the candidate; as apparently Steve Ryan had a “serious accident” and/or was “too ill to run”, or both.

What was the serious accident; the PC’s stabbed him figuratively in the back?

Seriously though.. we’ve heard nothing about this guy being ill. There was no mention of Holyday until after the Forum poll got released and showed the Liberals winning this riding in a blowout.

Unless Mr. Ryan would like to detail what exactly happened, the impression being given is Hudak and the PC’s panicked at the poll showing their elected/nominated guy losing to a nameless Liberal (no Liberal was nominated yet at the time of the poll) and went looking for someone more high profile.

Too ill to run? More like too low-profile to run. The thinking on the PC side appears to be “let’s bring in a high-profile candidate that’s a former Mayor and hope that masks the fact the riding apparently doesn’t like Ontario PC policies or the leader”.

The OLP candidate is local Councillor Peter Milczyn, so it will be a battle of local city politicians.

(* – credit for the title goes to James Calder, who’s single-handedly trying to make #PoorSteveRyan a trending hashtag on Twitter)

UPDATE: July 5, 5:13 pm: Steve Ryan denies he was shunted aside and he does have injuries – stemming from last year. Here’s the link – you decide if he’s credible.


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