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Amateur Hour

I’m not sure this should surprise anyone, given the way the PMO has acted recently:

The Prime Minister’s Office orchestrated a protest earlier this month at which Conservative party interns mocked Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during an open-air news conference. It is the latest revelation about the lengths to which Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office — the nerve centre of the federal government — will go to meddle in partisan politics.

Not that I want to encourage this type of behaviour, but next time you try to stage an astro-turfed protest; try to dress and act the part, and don’t run away when reporters question who you are. That gives you half a chance the media might take you half-serious as being a legitimate spontaneous protest, rather then a staged one by the governing party.


3 comments to Amateur Hour

  • kwittet

    I read that article in the HUFF and failed to find the proof that the PMO was involved.
    So to quote Chretien ….da proof is da proof….
    we all remember that one…hahaha

  • Michael

    I actually don’t know why this is breaking news now. I thought it was generally assumed the PMO was behind it when it occurred.

    That is not to say I don’t find it crass. I do.

  • the rat

    That’s pretty bad but at least they didn’t send cabinet ministers to do the heckling…

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