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RIP Silence. 1999-2013.

I mention this briefly since I brought it up last week… but unfortunately, my cat Silence had to be put down on Saturday. His high liver enzyme issues were actually a sign of advanced cirrhosis of the liver/liver failure, and it had been detected too late for the medication we gave him to have any effect.

That’s the problem with cats – they sometimes mask/hide their illness so well that you aren’t able to discover there’s a problem til its the point of no return. We knew about his diabetes, and the hypothyroid was also recent, but unfortunately it was the liver that did him in. It was the merciful and right thing to do, though.. he would have been gone soon anyhow, and this was a far more peaceful and less painful way to go.

He got buried at my parents place out behind one of their peony gardens in a nice secluded area. He looked very at peace according to my Dad, which made me feel better. They buried him facing east with his head between his paws, and in his favorite blanket.

It’s going to take awhile getting used to him being gone and the house being so quiet. Last week’s picture – even though it wasn’t bad of him, still shows him when he isn’t feeling well. This one below is a slightly smaller, though better one from a yr or 2 ago, lounging around taking it all in.



2 comments to RIP Silence. 1999-2013.

  • That’s too bad. 14 years is a pretty long life for a cat. My last one lived to 17 and finally succumbed to cancer. When they get that old there’s often not much you can do. My current cat is now 8 so time flies! Good-luck in finding a new pet!

  • Al

    Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully time will make it easier.I lost a pet several years ago and know the loss.

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