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Love this line: ‘Liberals continue to pound Conservatives’

It’s poll night! This one from Leger looks at the party’s standing and leadership.. and this gives a hint as to why the Conservative Party, or the Prime Minister’s Office rather (actually, scratch that, they’re both acting as the same thing, which the PMO should not be doing, by the way, if tradition was being upheld) is desperate for this contrived scandal they’ve made to stick to Trudeau. I love the first line of the story in the Gazette, which I did in my title and will highlight for you once more, because I like reading it so much:

A new poll shows the federal Liberals continue to pound the Conservatives, with Canadians saying for the first time leader Justin Trudeau would make a better prime minister then Stephen Harper. According to a new Léger Marketing poll, 27 per cent of Canadians now think Trudeau would be a better prime minister than Harper, who has a score of 23 per cent. New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair is seen as the best prime minister by 14 per cent.

They also took a party poll, and of course, this means what would have happened this week, not 2 years from now when the election rolls around, but again, would the PMO be flinging mud around if it weren’t a tad scared of the leader of the 3rd party in the House? No way:

With distribution of the undecided vote, the Liberals now stand at 37 per cent in the polls — up seven percentage points from March — followed by the Conservatives at 29 per cent — down two from March — and the NDP at 21 per cent — down three points from March. Green Party support is pegged at eight per cent — the same as in March. The Liberals are ahead in Quebec alone, too. Support is pegged at 46 per cent among decided voters, compared with 26 per cent for the NDP and eight per cent for the Conservatives. Support for the Bloc Québécois is 15 per cent.

What other goodies? How about the dissatisfaction level with the Conservatives reaching 61%? Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the poll on the Senate’s fate. Here, a narrow plurality want it abolished to reformed – but it’s close – 32% abolition, 29% reform.

Anyhow, it’s obvious that the PMO needs to try harder at the smear game.


6 comments to Love this line: ‘Liberals continue to pound Conservatives’

  • kwittet

    Hey Scott. I seem to remember when the last election was going on and the conservatives were leading that you disliked polls and didn’t put much faith in them. So here we are and now its in your party’s favour and now you love them.
    Now that I have that jab out of the way I hope you will still talk to me at the family reunion this year.
    So reading every ones posts I come to one conclusion. You are all delusional if you really believe that there is any difference in any of the party’s. I am at heart a conservative. Do I like Harper? I used to think he was doing a great job but as he approaches the magical 9 years, like every other PM his due date is quickly coming. He is making a lot of mistakes and is scrambling to stay in power just like all before him. For you left leaning folks if and when we experience Trudeau-Mania part2, after 9 or so years he will become detested just as all others before him and the public will turf his sorry ass too.
    Lets face the truth. Our country is fractured in our beliefs. What is good for Ontario is bad for Alberta and every province is the same. Regional differences dictate that we can not have a leader that is going to be able to keep every one happy. Our system is broken and we need change.

  • The Zaphos Institute

    “…this massively unqualified, clueless, coddled, over-his-head, substance deficient, spoiled fop”

    That’s pretty much what Liberals were saying about Stephen Harper in 2003, and with good reason. A guy who’s last real job was mailroom boy at his dad’s oil company. The “trained economist” line is pure BS; his degree is only a Masters (and took two tries) and he’s never worked a day in his life as an economist.

    Harper is nothing but a political hack, yet here he is in the PM chair. He’s hopelessly unqualified for the job, compared to school teacher Trudeau. (Conservative PM Robert Borden was “just” a school teacher too).

    So whatever Grant, your anti-Trudeau ranting and drooling only amuses us. Enjoy the bubble you and your reformatory cohorts continue to live in.

    • Grant

      Three erroneous assumptions you’ve made – 1) that I am a “reformatory” merely for not being enthusiastic about Trudeau; 2) that I hold any love for Harper; and 3) that what was true about Stephen Harper then and now suddenly becomes moot when the exact same thing is true about Justin Trudeau.

      Trudeau, who wouldn’t be anywhere near here had he had a different last name, will be in the right place at the right time to benefit from the fact that EVERY government has a shelf life (as well it should). NO government should be around perpetually, regardless of that party one supports. Whoever the next leader of the Liberal party was going to be (before we knew it was going to be Trudeau) stands a very good chance of becoming the Prime Minister someday. You guys had a responsibility to make sure that person was someone worthy of the task, and if you think that THIS is going to take you to the Promised Land Of Power, well……..the party that worked to put this dilettante in this position are complicit in whatever farcical disasters that comes after as a result. You guys blew it – huge, even IF he wins an election. I’m not the one in the bubble Zaphos – YOU are.

      • The Zaphos Institute

        Grant, I’m not suggesting that Trudeau would make a better PM than Harper. What I’m saying is at this point Elmer Fudd would make a better PM than Harper. Steve-O had 0% experience when he started too, so spare us the doomsday crap should Justin win the big chair. Plus the Libs have a solid team of MPs behind him to run the various ministries (small number that it is) unlike the Cons.

        By the way, Trudeau Jr. has been an MP for longer than Harper since taking over the helm of their respective parties. So he’s already got more leadership “experience” than Stevie did, should he become PM in 2015.

        As for you not being a Conservative supporter …well that’s possible. But I’ve noticed team-orange has nowhere near the Trudeau Derangement Syndrome (TDS) symptoms that Cons tend to display while posting on Liberal blogs. And you hardly sound neutral, so I stand by my assumption.

        Actually, come to think of it, there are very few Dippers posting on Liblogs at all since 2011. Con trolls, however, seem to be regulars. That may be due to some being paid for it, but I digress.

        Oh, and this line…
        “Whoever the next leader of the Liberal party was going to be (before we knew it was going to be Trudeau) stands a very good chance of becoming the Prime Minister someday.”

        I would never think this. It’s still very possible that Harper pulls off another majority in 2015, in fact I’d put money on it (were I the betting type). Alberta & BC’s recent elections confirm this. And Mulcair and the NDP are still very much a serious threat to the Grit’s ambitions of becoming the Official Opposition again, let alone government.

  • Grant

    Just saw Justin Trudeau fluff off a question just because it was asked by a Sun News reporter about the Taliban, when in fact, it was asked by a CBC reporter. Must be the Sun picking on me again. My CBC wouldn’t DARE ask me such a question of substance. Where is my softball?

    Trudeau’s assumption on just what news organization was asking the question (as if it mattered when it was a legitimate question)) demonstrates how much he’s been coddled by most of the media. Again.

    Uh oh! A concrete question! Yep, must be a Sun attack. This guy is so obviously heavily handled that ANY time he has to go off script, he stumbles – badly.

    Yes, this guy MIGHT be Prime Minister one day. The fact that you guys are so ecstatic that this massively unqualified, clueless, coddled, over-his-head, substance deficient, spoiled fop could be leading us speaks volumes about what your priorities really are. Look, obviously I`m no Liberal. But at least Marc Garneau was a man of substance, experience, dignity, and accomplishment. Leaving aside any party affiliation, he would have been a good leader for this country, someone worthy of respect. After watching Trudeau for the last 5 years, the ONLY thing that Justin Trudeau is going to provide for Canada during any possible tenure as Prime Minister is a laugh tracking, forehead slapping, gaffe-fest. But whatever, eh……as long as Liberals are happy that they are back in power, nothing else has to matter.

  • Lol, it seems that flinging mud is not working so well anymore. That is a relief.

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