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A longer break then I wanted.

Sorry about the pause in posting, folks, but I am nursing a very sick companion of mine.

Silence the cat

My diabetic cat  (named Silence) who suddenly started going moderate to heavily hypoglycemic on me last week when he had no business doing so. Vet was afraid he might have keytosis, but it turns out had a combo of things wrong – liver enzymes way out of whack, + a hypothyroid condition (makes cats thin, not fat like it does in humans). We thought those might be under control after a weekend stay at the vets, (and apparently eating like a horse), but as of this AM now has something wrong with his tooth or jaw that hurts him to eat hard food (he’s had that before -it was an infection on his one tooth.. not sure if its that again or he hurt it by cracking his hard food on it), so I’ve been forced to give him soft food.. the softer and the more gravy in it, the better. Even then, with the way his head twists when he tries to chew (he is at at least trying to eat more solid food this evening), it still looks like something is bothering him. Not good timing when you’re trying to gain weight back from this thyroid problem he’s apparently had for 4 months. I’ve got some antibiotics for abscesses left from the last episode that my vet said at this point can’t hurt to give him. (Not even on his insulin at the moment either; vet says the other 2 conditions are the things we need to worry about at the moment – and I can tell you he hates being forced to swallow pills).

Anyhow.. having him reassessed this Saturday. If his other 2 new problems show me and the vet that they are being controlled by the new medication, then we’ll worry about what to do about his insulin shots and/or this tooth problem. Otherwise, it’s been 14 good years with him, and I’m not about to allow him to slowly waste away or suffer.


2 comments to A longer break then I wanted.

  • hi Scott…I’m sorry to hear that your beautiful cat is sick. It’s such a hard thing. I lost my lab a year ago at the age of 14 and I haven’t fully recovered. When I see old animals on the street I feel like hugging them all. I hope Silence recovers, I’ve seen some amazing
    comebacks. But if not, I’ll just tell you what my vet told me. ” Fourteen years isn’t enough for you, but fourteen years in a loving home was more than enough of a happy life for him.”
    All the best…

  • Lexy Cameron

    My best to you and Silence, Scott. I’ve lost two old cats in the past three years, aged 18 & 19, and it is very hard. My oldest now is maybe 12…don’t know since he arrived on our doorstep one xmas eve as a stray. Fattish fellow now.

    I had been housing a near feral cat from late December to a week ago and he had been getting really good at socialization, loving his petting sessions and brushings. Still wary though and I didn’t think timing right to take him to vet or bring vet here.

    Meanwhile, up until recently, he hadn’t wanted to go outside. But, last week, he ripped open the screen door and escaped. I think he is still lurking around and I’m confident he will show again. Just loving his freedom. We live in the country and he survived in the out of doors for two years and seems smart…so I do expect to see him again.

    However, these critters bore really large holes into our hearts.

    Whatever happens, I’m glad Silence had a great home with your family!

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