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I break from a politics blog for 1 second..

…to show you what a Hobbit/LOTR geek I am.

Another reason besides Christmas that I want December to get here quick


2 comments to I break from a politics blog for 1 second..

  • Awesome.
    Mind you, it’s not The Hobbit. It’s more “History of Middle Earth during the Pre-War-of-the-Ring late Third Age”. But that’s cool too.

    • Well.. when you turn it into a trilogy, and are borrowing from the LOTR appendices, as Jackson is doing, what can you expect 😉 I don’t mind either; all those events like Gandalf et al. fighting the Necromancer did happen while Bilbo and company were proceeding towards Erebor. Nice to see them detailed and fleshed out (even if he doesnt quite follow the literal storyline of the book).

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