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Disappointing environmental decision from the Ontario Government – again.

I’ve not been an Ontario Liberal Party member in over a year – one of the main reasons I let it lapse are listed here, where I expressed a lot of frustration that Dalton Mcguinty was in essence “pulling a Harper” and using an omnibus bill which contained weakened environmental laws.

I had hoped with the advent of Premier Wynne, things might get a bit more progressive on that front,  but she and her government has again failed to (in my opinion) protect the environment, and is in fact carrying on with what was my original beef a year ago:

The new rules made by cabinet give resource industries numerous exemptions, relaxing protections for such endangered species as wolverines, the Acadian flycatcher songbird and the harmless eastern hog-nosed snake. All play an integral role in the ecosystem.
These exemptions — such as those impacting the beleaguered woodland caribou pictured on the Canadian quarter — will significantly lower the standards of protection…

She has been good in many ways as Premier, but if this is the strategy to win back northern Ontario votes, I find it distasteful in the extreme that the province has decided to gut its own environmental legislation and basically give companies and corporations major leeway for that goal – on the backs of our endangered species.

As you can probably guess, I will not be returning as an OLP member anytime soon, while this type of environmental disregard is in this party/government.


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