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Will Rob Ford’s troubles help the RaBIT vote?

There will be a vote coming up soon at City Hall on whether to formally recommend to Queen’s Park that Toronto would like a 2-phase timeline for bringing in Ranked Ballot, replacing the traditional first-past-the post : mayor for 2018, Council in 2022. (Of course, Council could amend to bring everything in at the same time or faster, but this has been RaBIT’s timeline proposal for bringing it in. because they felt it had a better chance of passing this way).

RaBIT believes it had the majority of votes on Council for this to pass, but I wonder with the recent Rob Ford “issues” whether or not that will make some of the fence-sitting Council Members (or ones that have not publicly declared anyhow) decide to vote in favor of the proposal and increase the tally

No empirical evidence to suggest anything, but I somehow suspect that it will help, not hurt the RaBIT cause.


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