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One less provincial vote for Senate abolition

Premier Kathleen Wynne is taking the opposite position of what Dalton Mcguinty advocated: instead of abolition, she is for reform of the Senate:

Kathleen Wynne, says she sees real value in having a chamber of sober, second thought and would like to see it reformed. Wynne says the discussions of just how to reform the Senate is something she would like to have with the other provincial premiers.

It is a big blow to those who wish to kill the Senate – regardless of whether it takes 7 provinces with 50 % of the population, or unanimous consent (that issue has been referred to the Supreme Court by Harper, as to which formula is needed to abolish the Senate). If Ontario is not on-board with abolition, even 7/50 is hard, if not impossible to obtain.

Now, Premier Wynne didn’t specifically say an “elected Senate”, was what she’d like to see for reform which is what everyone automatically assumes when one says you’re for reform of the Senate, but this statement is a start.



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