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What a dilemma – what scandal should I follow?

There’s the Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack videotape scandal, the Mike Duffy/Nigel Wright Senate Expenses scandal, the fallout from the Federal Court Court ruling illegal robocalls to suppress vote in certain ridings occurred by “unknown persons” accessing the Conservative own database (which they seem not even remotely alarmed about, by the way – one would think if you didnt have anything to do with the robocalls, but had your CIMS hacked into and it was used for illegal calls, you’d be alarmed), and in the the background we have the news about Peter Mackay’s department apparently deleting references in a report that showed favoritism to certain individuals.

Personally, I kinda like this rotating scandal pattern. Rob Ford one day, or in the morning… the Mike Duffy stuff the next, or in the afternoon, rotate in RoboCon and Petey Mackay here and there..much easier to follow.

Its been a bad couple of weeks for the Conservatives – be they the ones running the federal government, or the one in the Mayor’s office. Things like this tend to accumulate and snowball, and hopefully will be remembered come election time.



5 comments to What a dilemma – what scandal should I follow?

  • Roll Tide

    You left out the worst scandal of them all. Why?

    They now got caught deleting emails- trying to cover up the 600 million gas plant swindle.
    If this happened to a publicly traded company we would see criminal charges.

    Not a 90 thousand dollar expense deduction, a 600 million swindle to save two Liberal seats.

    Will the Liberal party repay the taxpayers? Why is McGuinty still in the Liberal caucus?

  • shadow12ea

    Yes, it is difficult to follow all the scandals but we must. At some level it is a form of entertainment for political junkies. For others it is the deterioration of our Canadian political system. It is the sense of entitlement these politicians have, yet have no compunction about increasing the retirement age from 65 to 67. Perhaps will a little less corruption, their might be a few more tax dollars in the bank. By not dealing with issues of corruption, citizens are saying it is O.K. to be corrupt.

    WE have no way of knowing if Duffy and the 3 others are the only ones. They are the only ones who were caught. There needs to be changes to the senate.

    As to the Ford show, who really knows. It is suggested no decisions be made until there is evidence. Not being in favour of Ford or his politics, I am less in favour of condeming some one with no proof. In this day and age of technology, any one could have made a video. Just think if it was you or your favorite politician. Remember, in Canada, you are innocent until proven guilty. If people actually believe all the allegations against Ford,go find the facts.

    • kwittet

      I agree we should follow and prosecute when it is proven that something illegal was done. Here lies the problem with some media out lets and bloggers… ahem..there is already a lynching before anything is proven.
      You say less corruption and I agree. Lets fire all of them. Liberals Conservatives NDP and all others. I honestly don’t believe there is one in any of them who are not touched by the power.
      Abolish the senate
      scrap the British Parliamentary System
      and have a system that works for Canada
      Quit supporting programs that 99.9 percent of Canadians don’t use.
      Eliminate multi tax levels and have a simple system
      say no income taxes but a straight gst on everything.
      make deficit spending illegal and punishable by imprisonment
      sell off agency’s that government has no business being in…ie beer stores and LCBO
      so many things could be better
      not one party has the stones to make these changes
      so in my mind they are all corrupt
      you pick your own poison

  • kwittet

    Hey Scott
    Why don’t you follow all these minor little scandals. They will keep you occupied and let you sit on your pedestal in judgement of anything the conservatives do. Seems to me there has been more serious issues in regards to the provincial liberal government and the fact that most of the players that were there for Dalton are still there now. The Mike Duffy scandal is really very minor no matter how you want to spin it. So what if he is a conservative, liberal it doesn’t matter. He got caught and this will be forgotten as the electorate want to focus on more important things like job creation and the economy. Rob Ford has nothing to do with federal politics and as of right now they are un proven allegations.
    You like to spin these minor incidents into more than what they are. Lets not discuss the almost one billion wasted on power buy a election. Lets not discuss the air ambulance scandal. These are major issues. When the taxpayers money is wasted that is a real issue. Not whether Mike Duffy claimed a few extra things that amount to peanuts. No one else was busted so its a minor incident and I am sure he will pay a price for his mistakes.
    Oh and I am sorry to point out these things as I know your focus is to drag up any tiny amount of dirt you can on anything conservative.
    Oh and one more thing. Last week or so I seen you in the back seat of your parents car just coming off Airport road.
    Hope you had a great day.

  • Hmm, that is very interesting comment, about hacking their database. I know that it is political information, so is not subject to many of the restrictions regarding protection of personal information, but I am wondering this: If the CPC is arguing that they did not authorise the fraudulent robocalls, yet the judge found that CIMS was the tool used, then it DOES in fact imply that EXTREMELY private information on millions of Canadians has been compromised. (I would say that a database of whom people intend to vote for is private no?)

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