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On Senate Reform

Your latest poll from Forum Research on what should be done with the Senate:

“More than one third want to abolish the Senate. An additional 37% called for the Senate to become an elected body. Less than 10% felt it best to leave the Senate as is. The latest results are consistent with an earlier Forum poll on the Senate, which was conducted before the scandal gained traction. Those February results also show the majority split between abolition and reform.”

I’m in the electoral reform camp, as you may know from reading here. Consequently, I disagree with Justin Trudeau that the only thing needed to improve the Senate is to pick better people. Even if he were elected and picked “better people”, that leaves abuse open for the next Harper, or Mulroney , or even future Liberal leader.

I get what Justin is saying (which he is taking some heat for) that you can’t make the Senate elected without addressing the seat disparities, and I certainly agree with him that you can’t change the Senate in any shape or form without consulting the provinces, but that’s no reason to leave it unelected and basically unchanged from its current format.

The sentiment on the Senate from the electorate  is not with him or the LPC on this, and I hope he and the LPC will reconsider his stance before 2015.


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