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Not exactly the spotlight we want in Canada

Canada sure has been in the news a lot of late. Unfortunately, it’s about the wrong reasons. The Senate expenses scandal and the subsequent resignation of Nigel Wright made the NY Times billboard  in Times Square. We subsequently then have a Peruvian reporter out of the blue asking Harper on his trip to Peru during his brief news conference why the Canadian people should trust him that he knew nothing about the affair (but we’ve learned  how our Canadian media can get Harper to answer difficult questions he refuse to take at home: just get their friends in the international media to ask them).

We also have the Rob Ford debacle; where we have US late night comedians openly mocking him and the city. We have international coverage of that as well (see the impressive list of folks that noticed world-wide).

We’re not exactly a shining beacon to the world at the moment.

ON the other hand, if both of these instances helps to remove conservative/Conservative presences in both of these positions in a couple of years, I’m prepared to wince and bear it.


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