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Ontario NDP gets ‘competing’ advice on Ontario Budget

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has a decision to make soon on whether or not to support the Ontario Liberal government’s budget;  failure to support it (or at least an actual vote against versus an abstain) plunges the province back into an election campaign.

She’s been given competing advice on what to do: on the one hand, you’ve got Toronto Mayor Rob Ford urging his ideological foes to oppose the Budget and go back to an election campaign, because according to Ford, that’s what taxpayers want.

An opinion poll just released today, however, would show that unsurprisingly, Rob Ford is probably wrong about his claim:

About half of Ontarians want the NDP to support the minority Liberals’ budget, which would avert a snap June election, a new poll suggests. In the first public opinion survey since Finance Minister Charles Sousa introduced a spending plan on Thursday crafted to appease the New Democrats, 48 per cent said the NDP should back the Liberals with 36 per cent opposed while 16 per cent had no opinion.

If I were the NDP, I’d rather be listening to the strong plurality of voters then to Rob Ford, who should be worrying more about municipal politics at Toronto City Hall  – he’s got enough issues there to keep him busy.


3 comments to Ontario NDP gets ‘competing’ advice on Ontario Budget

  • Merle Whitwell

    How far do we have to go to bankrupt our province. The youth cannot get jobs because industry and commerce have left us or are about to leave. We are in debt over our ears and sliding worse everyday. We have close to the highest electricity rates in North America, soon to be the highest and the lying Liberals have destroyed our electricity grid by allowing too much production of unstable, dirty wind and solar power. There is no balance to ensure reliability. They are allowing it to be brought on line to the decrement of people’s health and astronomical rates. When do the people of Ontario wake up and stop rewarding liars and dictators. The Liberal policies brought in over the last several years fall right into lies told and dictatorial policies of “take it and shut up” people of Ontario. The Liberals cater to special interest groups and are now begging the NDP to help them from being decimated in the next election. I hope the NDP are smarter than that or we will have a PC majority next election. Polls never tell the true story especially when concentrated on the GTA and surrounding area only.

  • Not even the Conservatives would listen to Rob Ford for political advice, never mind Horwath.

  • @VE3ZKS

    Andrea Horwath has to be honest with voters, before she defeats this Wynne govt. If another election results in a PC minority, how far would she go to keep Tim Hudak from the Premier’s Office. 1) Prop up the same Wynne minority or 2) as a junior coalition partner, with these same Wynne Liberals?

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