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Hoping for a change of government in BC

This is a post that some (but not all) of my BC Liberal acquaintances may not like, but as the BC Election draws near and the polls tighten, I’ll say without apology that to me, it would not be a bad thing if the provincial BC Liberal Party gets dumped out of office and the NDP led by Adrian Dix takes over the reins of power.

I’ve made it rather publicly known that I consider the BC Liberals LINO’s (Liberals In Name Only) who should be returning the name “Liberal” back to us as the party stands in its current form. Any party that counts Stockwell Day as one of its supporters (and doesnt shy away from it – trying to point out that other Conservative ex-Ministers support them) and also counts several ex-Harper advisers in its ranks (and also doesnt shy away from it) does an injustice to being called a “Liberal Party”.

(I always cringe when some BC Liberals try to defend this as a “free enterprise coalition” – that alone should tell you the political ideology of those folks. I’ve yet to see evidence that the BC NDP is going to impose provincially-run socialist communes or nationalize every industry known to BC).

To be sure, the BC NDP aren’t perfect.. Adrian Dix’s flip-flop on whether he’d allow the Kinder-Morgan pipeline to be built was a political ploy designed to beat off the Green Party off of his environmental flank (but which should also tell you that in his original position he held, Dix isnt exactly the re-incarnation of Karl Marx).

That said, the BC Liberals could use a time in the wilderness, and find its progressive (and actual Liberal/liberal) self.


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  • maria

    Scott. When we moved to BC in 1970, the whole city was on strike. Even the cable company. My husband supposedly had a job in a tire shop for a wheel alignment but the owner said sorry, we are barley making ends meet so maybe later when this government is defeated.. Come back when the stikes end. I am not kidding. I had 3 small children with 2 in school. After my youngest went to kindergarden, I took a minimum paying job as a chambermaid to help pay the rent and the power bills. My husband had to go work in forestry camps. BC almost lost its credit standards. Dix worked for Glen Clark, back dated a report and committed a forgery and blamed it on being only 35 and stressed out. He was lucky to not be prosecuted and sent to prison.

    Later, he was paid $70.000.00 from BC citizens tax dollars for severance pay and never paid that back. How can we trust a man like that running our province? We can’t that’s a given. They will probably win and a lot of BC citizens will be going to Alberta in groves like in the 90’s in order to make a living and support their families. Christy Clark is wearing the boners created by Gordon Campbell and does not deserve that crap she is faced with from anyone including it appears you. She was not part of Campbell’s government but she is a loyal Liberal. Does she have to put up with the insults which are based on lies and bull shit? I don’t think so.Your entitled to your opinion and so are we. Scott, I thought better of you. You are sounding like a con toll accusing her of the same stuff they do at the federal liberals. Sorry if I am being blunt but to be honest I am pissed off at you.I have lived here in BC since 1970 and seen the damage the NDP did during their 10 years of power.

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