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The reason(s) behind individual Conservative MP’s rejecting Anti-Trudeau 10%’ers

I find the revelations that several Conservative MP’s are uneasy and not willing to participate in the “10 percent’er” mass mail attack ad campaign that the Conservative Party plan against Justin Trudeau to be rather fascinating  (privately as well, apparently).  I’m curious of course why there is unease now at this, when there certainly wasn’t or wouldn’t be if this was Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff, and this mailing was planned for Conservative-held ridings – mostly friendly territory you would think, for the usual smear stuff like this.

Are individual MP’s getting more flack from their riding’s voters then we publicly know – and is it due to the fact the public are getting tired of this type of negative politics, or do they oppose this being spent on the taxpayer’s dime?

My own anecdotal feeling is this: while other reasons such as above may apply, I have a feeling there is a fairly deep public reservoir of good-will towards Justin from the public that has been around  basically since he gave his stirring eulogy at his father’s funeral way back in 2000, and they know (or they think they know) Justin well enough that this mud-slinging stuff is at the moment not being appreciated.

I’m certain of one thing, whatever the reasons are for this, it isn’t because individual Conservative MP’s suddenly developed a moral conscience overnight that told them to agree with Justin Trudeau on running positive campaigns  and to privately/publicly disagree with their top brass.

(As a P.S., in my own riding of Oxford, a Conservative deep-blue riding if there ever was one, I’ll be very interested to see if MP Dave Mackenzie mails any of these out. I also am not particularly surprised from the article above that Harper has not yet privately phoned Justin to offer him congratulations as has been done in the past. I think the Prime Minister despises the legacy of Pierre Trudeau, and projects that onto his son – now his potentially greatest threat to unseat him).


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