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Wynne pulls back into a “tie” with the PC’s.

A new poll out this morning that should cheer the Ontario Liberal Party and the Premier, Kathleen Wynne:

The Liberals and Conservatives are each at 36 per cent while the NDP has slipped further behind to 24 per cent, with Mike Schreiner’s Green Party at 4 per cent, according to the Forum Research survey for the Star

The key to that poll is that with concentration of voters, if it were to hold on an election day vote, the Ontario Liberals would be likely to win a majority government, despite the “tie” – one of the faults of a First Past The Post setup.  The caveat to this poll is of course that  you can never look at one poll as the lone indicator of current political fortunes. For example,  a poll taken a week or 2 ago (Ipsos-Reid I believe?) had the Ontario PC Party with a 10 point lead over the Liberals, who were statistically in 3rd place, a point behind the NDP.  It will be interesting to see if the major Canadian polling aggregator has a group polling result for Ontario polls.

Still, it’s the most recent poll we have, and so food for thought for the NDP (I don’t include Tim Hudak’s Conservatives in here, because they’ve already made up their minds to vote against anything the Liberals introduce).


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