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Positive vs Negative (Ads)

As soon as Justin Trudeau won, the Conservative attack ads came out. Everyone knew they’d be coming, but they came out far earlier then they did after Dion and Ignatieff became Liberal leaders, hinting and indicating that the Conservatives are very concerned about Justin Trudeau, even 2 years out from the next election.

Debate has raged of course, whether JT’s declaration that he was going to stay positive would work or not. Some believe it to be needlessly unilaterally disarming themselves, others feel that Trudeau is already a known quantity and that this alone should allow him to resist the negative battering.

What we didn’t know however was whether the Liberal Party and Trudeau would release any ads of their own to counter the Conservatives, and yes, they are;  here’s  one of them. (Note the news article says there are Trudeau “ads”).

I will be interested to see two things: one, whether these will do their thing in helping to counter the CPC ads, and two, where the Liberal Party places them on the television strategically.  The Conservatives have generally placed a lot of their attack ads on places like TSN and Sportsnet, and even specialty channels like HGTV – in a very obvious aim at those who aren’t necessarily political activists.  I think it might be wise if the LPC followed the Conservatives there, and I’d further suggest putting them on channels in the daytime during the Soap Operas wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


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