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Dumb move on Harper’s part: manages to equate JT and President Obama together as wimps on terror

I don’t normally blog this late, or on a Friday night.. but I couldn’t pass this up.

Tonight, the police managed to capture the 2nd suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing,  which is important to find out what in the world caused these 2 to do what they did.

You may remember Harper and the Conservatives attacked Justin Trudeau for his wanting to know the “root causes” of the Boston Marathon attack (and Harper brought it up voluntarily in a foreign country, no less, an extremely crass politicizing of a tragedy.). You may hear more of that inflammatory rhetoric from them from on Monday when they debate their anti-terrorist act (which they moved up to replace Trudeau’s pro-democratic MP reforms for Members Speeches that would have Conservative backbench support, “coincidentally” enough).

Or, maybe you won’t hear it as much now.. or in more muted form. Why?

In an interesting twist tonight, Andrew Coyne re-tweeted the Boston Globe on Twitter quoting Obama’s declaration on the capture of the suspect:

Obama: Major questions: Why did brothers who grew up here turn on this country? Did they have help? ‘We will determine what happened’

Andrew also retweeted this from one of the Globe and Mail Correspondents:

Bad news for those who attacked Trudeau’s “root causes” comment: even Obama believes analysis of motivation is necessary.

I look forward to seeing whether  the Prime Minister and cronies dare to  group the President of the United States and Justin Trudeau together as wimps or not tough enough on terror and for wanting to actually know and find out the “root causes” of what caused a teenager and a young man to do this sort of heinous act (its also worth noting the current Defense Minister Peter MacKay stressed we needed to find the “root cause” behind the Norwegian mass shooting attacks a couple of years ago as well).


3 comments to Dumb move on Harper’s part: manages to equate JT and President Obama together as wimps on terror

  • Hugh Taylor

    Context. Obama was responding as President at a critical juncture in a real terrorist attack on his jurisdiction. Justin was providing an unscripted response to a hypothetical question from Peter Mansbridge during a One-On-One interview on CBC TV two hours after the bombing in Boston. Mansbridge admitted in his preamble to the difficulty of the question since little detail was known about the attack. I watched the interview and it was a solid performance overall. I was also around during the FLQ crisis and am aware that contending with domestic terrorism is a big part of Justin’s family history. i doubt that ‘root cause’ has done him any damage …. difficult as the concept is to pin down. Basically his point was that after such an event we are left with the question ‘Why?.

    After the dust settled in Boston, the question everywhere was ‘Why’.

  • Observer, I observe you are not an objective observer. Dumb move on your part, not using your own name to comment. You Cons just cannot accept a rational perspective, everything has to be exagerated and intolerance has to be pushed to the limit. What I see as a root cause of these type of bombings, and acts, speaking as a professional former EOD tech. People like you, who ostracize, bully and marginalize others. It’s time for your type to get a dose of your own medicine.

  • Observer

    You can’t equate how people received what Obama said to what JT said. You can try but you would be wrong.

    Key phrase here would be “root cause”. That’s the tired old pyscho-babble phrase that pseudo-intellectuals in certain circles use to try to look smart. Always looking for the “root cause”. Nowadays, it’s a reverse dog-whistle, as it were. Permanently lost some peoples votes on that one.

    A good moment for Obama, a not so good moment for JT.

    National stages are very very tough. Let’s hope he learns a little faster than he apparently has.

    “Root causes”. LOL.

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