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Congrats to JT; plus musings on attack ads & other things

Unless you’ve been away this weekend, you already know Justin Trudeau was overwhelmingly selected to be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada on Sunday.  My congratulations to him, as well as the other candidates who ran for the post.

What might be next for him and the Liberal Party to do, strategy wise?  He has up to a year and a half before the next election. There are already rumblings the Conservatives have their attack ads ready to go on him. They used those attack ads to define (negatively) Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, before they could define themselves to the Canadian public. Thomas Mulcair of the NDP went proactive; he and the NDP released positive ads explaining himself to Canadians what he stood for – ads that largely went unanswered by the Conservatives, and which seemed short-term to help boost the NDP and Mulcair’s fortunes.

Logic would dictate the Liberals do the same. Indeed, at the Showcase last weekend, Brian Rice, fellow Liberal blogger who in his political life has managed to get to the lofty position of President of the BC Liberals, (was collecting donations to help “counter JT attack ads by the Conservatives”.

I’m not so sure now whether that needs to be done. Canadians know who Justin Trudeau is; and so far anyhow, anything he’s done in the public spotlight that potentially would be considered a faux-pas has not damaged him politically.  Perhaps the money would be better spent on building up ground game and infrastructure to best run an election campaign on. The Trudeau team has shown the most activity on the social media sites and got the most volunteers, so they have a good headstart on this regard.

Lastly; there’s been some angst regarding JT’s declaration to “not go negative”.  I think it’s obvious he will still go after Conservative policies he considers wrong; It pertains to the personal attacks the CPC has occasionally gone into the muck to do.  I can remember from his eulogy at his Dad’s funeral, where he passed along the story about him as a young boy being in the Parliamentary Cafeteria,  making fun of Joe Clark, the Progressive Conservative leader at the time, and his Dad sternly lecturing him on not attacking the person when engaged in politics, and who then invited  Clark and his young daughter (Catherine) over to eat with them. I believe he has the messaging ability after several Conservative campaigns of this for that message – if he chooses to stick to it- to have real resonance.


3 comments to Congrats to JT; plus musings on attack ads & other things

  • maria

    Great words Jam. I myself gave Harper and his band of misfits the name Pricks. So fitting for the lot of them. To be honest, Mulcair fits that category as well.
    He’s not much better.

    My congratulations to Justin Trudeau for your outstanding support and victory. In my view he was the one best suited to defeat Harper by attracting the younger generation that will actually take the time to vote.

  • Jam

    How classy of the CPC, making fun of someone trying to raise $ to fight liver cancer. I’ve lost three people to cancer in as many months, F*@k those heartless pricks.

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