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A great person

I’ve been offline this week from the normal political/social stuff due to the passing of my last grandparent this past Monday.  His funeral was today – someone I’m going to miss a lot, but who made something out of a difficult childhood to live a very good life

Stanley Richard Tribe

Stanley Richard Tribe, 1919-2013


2 comments to A great person

  • You have my condolences Scott, while I lost my last member of my grandparent’s generation over 12 years ago now I still feel their presence in my life very strongly to this day. I know how important they can be in shaping our generation, in some ways more so than our parents, and I hope that while you may miss their physical presence that their spiritual/memorial presence remains strong within you throughout your life. Take care of yourself in this time of sorrow and loss and know you have my and I would hope and expect many others here online sympathies in this time of grief. Take care and be well.

  • maria

    Sorry to hear that Scott. My condolences to you and your family. May He R.I.P.I lost my grandparents many years ago and my parents and my husbands are all gone. I miss them all terribly.

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