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An interesting Showcase Day

I thought I’d take a day to reflect on yesterday’s proceedings. Firstly, the Progressive Bloggers event was a success. A good turnout, with some special appearances by George Takach and Deborah Coyne

Now, onto the Showcase – the actual event. I’ve already detailed the power outlet issue, but what of the actual format itself?

First off – 25 mins per candidate per speech was far too long

Secondly, it was my perception that there was an odd atmosphere at this event. Hard for me to explain other then there wasn’t much excitement in the building, other then the first couple of rows where supporters of said candidate speaking crammed together to wildly cheer.  Justin’s speech was the loudest and got the most reaction, but even then, at the back of the room, there seemed to be more people intently listening then clapping for every “clapping-point’ he brought up. Perhaps it was because a lot of people felt the fait accompli of Justin Trudeau perceived to be winning in a walk drained excitement away. Perhaps the long speaking time caused people to flag.. when so many candidates were up using their full allotment of time to talk.

I’m not really sure what the answer is for this, when you’re using a system of either One Member One Vote, or a Supporters Category. Last year’s leadership race for the NDP had voting before the speeches.. which made it unlikely that there would be any big moves on the last day for speeches to sway people, when votes had already been cast. In this instance..  voting started after the speeches were done, but the atmosphere was .. muted. Perhaps the lack of Convention “zip” is the price you pay for wanting to get more people involved democratically  in choosing a leader.

At some point, I’ll be voting.. though I admit I do so without enthusiasm – as a neutral, I didn’t particularly get inspired by anyone or how the race unfolded (and some candidates simply held positions that were anathema to me).  Perhaps others, who weren’t hard-core supporters of their candidate of choice, felt/feel the same way. Perhaps that too is a reason for a flat-ginger-ale-type feeling yesterday

EDIT: I will note what some prominent Conservative supporters have said about yesterday, particularly about Trudeau’s speech, so perhaps there was bigger impact there then I thought. I suppose it also depends on what the TV crowd thought about the speeches, and this speech in particular.


2 comments to An interesting Showcase Day

  • kwittet


    reading your edit point…some??and prominent??

    that’s plural…you provide one link to another blogger who I would not regard as prominent. You must have had to search for hours to find that ONE

    Reading your other post on the power issue and perhaps maybe the LPC realises bloggers are no more than I minor forum mostly spewing tabloid style journalism.

    • Actually, I found her point rather quickly (you can find stuff quick on Twitter) 😉 I dont consider someone who writes for the National Post as not being prominent.

      How about former PM Brian Mulroney? He said anyone who belittles JT or scorns him is seriously underestimating him. Is he prominent enough for you?

      As for the LPC and bloggers, we aren’t journalists to begin with and have never claimed to be. Consider us the equivalent of op-ed writers on the newspapers opinion columns. Regardless of what the LPC thinks of bloggers however, even I doubt they would have gone to the trouble of accrediting us and then trying to spite us all by doing that. I’ve been told by some folks in the LPC that they would try to address this – likely after the new leader is elected and he has a chance to put new staff in place.

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