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Hint to LPC: supply power to the tables you accredit bloggers for next time

I’m still at the Prog Blog meetup as I type this; we’ve had a good turnout so far with visits from George Takach (and unexpectedly a visit from Deborah Coyne), but I’m hearing rumblings from the bloggers already there at the LPC Showcase that the LPC has failed to provide any tables down there with power hookups to recharge laptops, etc.

I’d have thought that little detail might not get overlooked, but perhaps they were too concerned over the last month with the  attendance numbers to have remembered that minor oversight.

I’m sure the journalists have power to their table/area, right?

This about tells you what you need to know about how the LPC in its current form has viewed new/social media. It was like pulling teeth to get them to accredit us to this.. and this oversight basically encapsulates it.

As I’ve said earlier, I hope the new leader brings a new attitude (and perhaps new people)  to how they treat social media/new media, etc.

UPDATE @ 4:48 pm: Ok.. I dont feel as bad now.. the media dont have any plugs in press pit for charging either,according to Kady O’Malley of CBC, so we bloggers werent discriminated against! (tho I find that oversight a bit ridiculous)


4 comments to Hint to LPC: supply power to the tables you accredit bloggers for next time

  • That’s not entirely true. Some media did have power. The raised platforms to the right was where some of the larger media channels were hosted. I borrowed some of their plugs, but ultimately the lack of access to power limited the time I could stay there and my ability to post in real-time.

    Maybe one day they’ll take us more seriously.

  • po'd

    Ever thought of investing in a second battery?

    • For a laptop? you’re joking.

      First of these conventions I’ve been at where the political party host failed to have power outlets nearby to the table for observers/media to recharge stuff.

  • I’m sitting on the floor stealing power.

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