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Google Reader’s closing also about to close BANPC

The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians (BANPC for short) was started in April 2005, 3 months before Progressive Bloggers started. It may be the 2nd oldest blogging aggregator currently out there (The Blogging Tories was created before them), but sadly, as of July 1, when Google Reader gets shut down, James Bow, the creator and longtime administrator of the site, says BANPC will go too.

You might think it’s not a big deal, but blogging aggregators were created to allow ease of use in finding blogs – and in some cases likeminded bloggers – to read.. rather then randomly trying to search them out. I know James has cited decreasing blogging use as one reason he’s not going to make a big effort to find an RSS feedreader to replace Google Reader, but it will still be a bit of a hit for those blogs who do count on his site to help direct traffic their way.

My hope is that someone with some knowledge of RSS feeds and skills will step in and offer to take over the coding/upkeep of BANPC, and that it keeps going.


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