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Could be just me…

….but Tim Hudak seems like an angry guy these days. The modus operandi of the Ontario PC leader seems to be to “attack” everyone and everything these days as a way to try to get himself elected – an angrier version of ex-Premier Mike Harris, if you will.

Polls seem to indicate (though I’d like to see more then one pollster saying this) that Ontario voters so far like Premier Wynne’s style, and are willing to give her a chance – not angry Tim, though. He wants to go now!

There is only so much of a base for anger. Come off too angry, and a plurality of voters in Ontario might view you as a bit out of the mainstream (not that Tim will listen to my advice, nor do I want him to).


2 comments to Could be just me…

  • kwittet

    I agree with Bill
    when Kathleen was elected she stated she was going to carry on with Daltons legacy. That scares the hell out of me given the numbers above…and all the scandals which really was the reason Dalton prorogued the legislature. She keeps saying things that just make me shake my head and realize that its going to be the same old liberal government with a new leader but the same policys.
    I think Dalton needs to be tossed under the bus for the high taxes and the cover ups with ehealth…orange and the power plants. And to make matters worse Kathleen gives the health portfolio back to Deb Mathews to screw up even more.
    Tim Hudak may be a joke but the liberals are a bigger joke.

  • billg

    In the past 9 years Ontario has increased spending 78%, income from taxes has risen 52%, Ontario residents pay rich people and corporations more money in interest on the money we borrow then we pay to put our children through college and universitys, and, your not angry? Tim Hudak is a joke, he’s embarassing to listen to and I dont thnk he makes up his mind until he looks at polls and reads tea leaves, but, he and every other person that lives in Ontario should be angry, that they are not is disturbing. This new premier needs to cut 2 billion a year in spending, will she? This is an opportunity for Wynne to fix this disaster slowly without throwing McGuinty under a bus, and, I think she’s smart enough to do it, but, lets not pretend for one minute that the last 4 years has not been a disaster because it has, and, hurt is on its way because of it.
    I really hope Wynne is as smart as she sounds.

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