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On advocacy groups supporting Joyce Murray

As mentioned, Sunday March 3, Midnight is the last day for supporters (or LPC members for that matter) to sign up with the intent of voting for the next Liberal leader. You may have seen elsewhere that some high profile organizations have been openly urging their membership to sign up as supporters and vote for leadership candidate Joyce Murray, as they support her stance on electoral cooperation in selected ridings to stop splitting the anti-CPC vote in an effort to oust the Conservatives using a united candidate in those ridings.

Leadnow has about 225,000 members. Avaaz has over 500 000 (they claim actually 688 000 Canadians are members on their homepage). It will be very interesting to see how many of those members do decide to become “supporters” at the urging of their leadership for the express purpose of voting for Joyce Murray. We’ll see how many of those folks are as politically active, and how many merely signed up for moral support but are politically apathetic.

Make no mistake: this won’t be an indictment of Joyce Murray if significant numbers of those organizations and others like them fail to sign up and support her. This will be more a test of those 2 organizations to organize/mobilize their supposed membership for this (as well as the other advocacy groups that are doing so) and of their membership to put their money where their mouth is (or in this case, their voting).


6 comments to On advocacy groups supporting Joyce Murray

  • Joan

    Kitt, I disagree that Joyce is grasping for ideas, but I agree that she is sometimes a little hesitant when searching for a word. I think she is a wonderful candidate and admire her for taking on the challenge, but her idea of co-operation with the NDP does not appeal to me. The means do not justify the ends in my opinion. We have to come out strong and bold, not half-hearted and weak. I would probably vote Green if there were an NDP candidate standing in for a Liberal in my riding, and I do not think I would be alone. The problem with Joyce’s logic is that the outcome is no “slam dunk” and could very well backfire.

  • Gayle

    I admit I was disappointed with Ms. Murray today. I expected more based on the positive press she has been receiving. However, every time it was pointed out to her that in order to run cooperatively with the other parties, the other parties have to agree and Mulcair is not agreeing, she did not address it. This is a pretty significant barrier to what she claims she wants to accomplish. She needs to have an answer to that question.

  • Ron

    A slight correction to your post above…
    today is the deadline to join or become a supporter. (and be eligible to vote)
    Both supporters and members must then register to vote (they should get an email prompt)

    “All Members and Supporters must also register to vote by March 14, 2013.”

    • Okay.. that’s a bit confusing. Thanks for the clarification.. though I’ll probably mention it as that 2nd deadline rolls near.

  • kitt

    Joyce Murray was underwhelming in the debate today. I was imagining her on the national stage or in a debate with other party leaders and she would be ineffective. Too many ah ah ah and you can see she is grasping to find words or ideas and is at a loss on what to say.

  • The actual turnouts for the Leadership vote will almost certainly be quite low. For example, when Elizabeth May won the leadership of the Green Party of Canada, the actual turnout of members who actually shelled out some $ to join for the express purpose of supporting Elizabthe was about 20%. ( I know because I ran her national Canvas & GOTV) I am pretty sure that Trudeau will win, but I will be really really interested in seeing what the differences in motivation are between the typical Trudeau supporter, and Joyce`s issues based supporters. That kind of analysis is important as the Liberal Party feels it`s way forward to a sustained rebuilding effort. The old quality vs. quantity arguments.

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