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And then there were 8.

George Takach decided to withdraw from the Liberal Leadership Race and throw his support to Justin Trudeau yesterday:

Takach, who called himself the “technology candidate,” had acknowledged that he was a dark-horse contestant, not well-known even in Liberal circles. And he had said in interviews he was only in the race because the Liberals had opened up voting to non-members…But as the deadline for registering to vote approaches within the next week, Takach apparently decided he hadn’t amassed enough support to make the full run

There are those who say his withdrawal is due to the last part – lack of support translating into his campaign had run out of funds to continue, which is possible, but it sounds a tad uncharitable. He put forth his name to run, and he should be thanked for wanting to get more people not normally involved in the political process to get interested in it.

One wonders whether this dropping out/endorsement of Trudeau will open up some floodgates; where others in this race will also decide it’s no longer viable or realistic to continue to run.


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