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My brief take on the Ontario Throne Speech

Briefly – Wynne and the Liberals sounded conciliatory, the NDP said it would support the Throne Spech and subsequent budget, provided the Liberals give them some goodies, and Tim Hudak and the Conservatives instantly marginalized themselves by already declaring they’re voting against anything the Liberals may bring forward, without any hint of trying to work at getting some compromises for their policy positions (did I mention I think Hudak’s proposal on student loans is a stupid one? No votes for him from students/parents on that policy, I don’t think).

As for Wynne and the Liberals, they would do well to read and take Thomas Walkom’s advice on how they can salve some rural wounds with regards to The Green Act (specifically windmills) and the Horse-Racing industry.

The reason their majority is gone is precisely about issues like these that lost them seats in rural Ontario. I asked Wynne (among others) when she ran for leadership what she would or could do to stop the perception that the provincial Liberals cared only about the urban vote. Here is her chance (and Charles Sousa’s) to do something specific to help rural Ontario (and help themselves there)

On another note, I’ve been getting a couple of emails from a couple of the Liberal leadership candidates urging people (Liberal members/supporters) to step forward if they don’t want a coronation. I would suspect that means they know as well as everyone else that Justin Trudeau did very well at this past weekend’s leadership debate.


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