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Why did Harper appoint Brazeau to the Senate? Political gain of course

You may have heard that Senator Patrick Brazeau was arrested on a charge of domestic violence in the last day and that within hours of that news, Prime Minister Harper booted him out of the Conservative caucus;this comes fast on the news he “allegedly listed his mailing address as that of his ex-father-in-law’s house to gain an aboriginal tax exemption” .

This pick was fraught with controversy from the start, but as usual,  it was done by Harper to try and score political points; a symbolic pick towards the First Nations people, and picking someone who he hoped would be the spokesperson for those issues with a Conservative bent. If he and the PMO had done his homework, they should have never have picked Brazeau in the first place, but they either didn’t care or failed to do due diligence; appearances of the pick was all that mattered.

Between Brazeau and Senator Mike Duffy’s controversy over where he lives, Harper hasn’t had a good week defending Senate appointees. He’s made a good case himself in why it should either be reformed (properly and legally – i.e constitutionally) or abolished. (I prefer the former; I think the Senate has a useful role it could play if given legitimate power, without getting us into dual chamber gridlock as in the US)


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