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Bloggers will be accredited for the April 6 Federal Liberal Showcase in Toronto

I’ve been told that by a good source -in his words:

I’m told bloggers can use the media inquiry page to register for the showcase (Ed Note: the April 6 Event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center) event, and language about bloggers should be up shortly…No cost, you’re registering as media. I don’t know how many, etc. Sarah Bain’s info is in the form;I’d suggest her as the for more info..

The media accreditation form of which he refers to is at this link:

I’ve already sent in my application, plus an inquiry on when the last day to register for accreditation is, whether or not they intend to also accredit non-Liberal bloggers (be they knowingly affiliated with another party or even just non-partisan), and how many they think they will accredit. (and I mentioned to them and I mention to you, I know that if they put us in the same spot at the MTCC as the NDP did at their leadership convention last year (link to picture below) how many that area can approximately hold:

Blog Command @ Federal NDP Leadership Convention, 2012

I’d recommend applying for accreditation if you’re a blogger as soon as possible… and may I add I’m extremely pleased the LPC has reversed course from 2011’s Policy Convention and their stance on bloggers at that time.


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